Translation Services

Tradulia is one of the fastest growing providers of professional and accurate translation services. We pride ourselves in the quality of our work, excellent customer service, reliability and unbeatable turnaround times. We work with experienced and talented translators, interpreters and teachers. Our vast network of linguists are capable of translating in over 200 languages. Our experts are fully qualified in their given fields, whether it’s marketing, medical, technical or legal translation services.

Whether you need to communicate to foreign markets or for international business relations, our accredited translation solutions are enjoyed by businesses worldwide. Here at Tradulia we understand just how important security, accuracy and reliability is to you and your business and that’s exactly why so many companies have trusted us and our expert translation services.

Which type of translation services do you require?

  • Certified

  • Financial

  • Legal

  • Marketing

  • Technical

  • Website

  • Software Translation Services

How it works

If you have a document that need translating, you can simply send it to us via email or via the contact form available on this website. Once the form has been submitted, we will respond to you with a quote in 30 minutes. Alternatively, if you have an ongoing request or a project in mind, you can give us a call. We work with many formats and file types, delivering translations to companies based in every corner of the world and for a variety of industries.

Our translators

We have a network of over 8,000 specialist in-country translators worldwide. Our in-country team will ensure that all translations are fully localized and that cultural implications will be reported back and adapted in the final delivery – in essence the translation will read natural and appeal to your target reader.



Our translation services are priced per source word. The price varies according to language, deadline and type of translation needed.

Interpreting Services

We provide interpreting services for an array of business situations. Our linguists interpret a wide range of combination of languages (depending on availability)

Our interpreting services include:

  • Conference interpreting – both simultaneous and consecutive worldwide
  • Business interpreting – negotiation and meetings
  • Simultaneous Interpreting Services
  • Consecutive Interpreting Services

Our Interpreters

Tradulia provides specialist interpreters depending on the occasion. Our interpreter selection depends on the topic of the event, the language requirement and the topic of discussion. All interpreters must be degree qualified have field experience.

Booking an Interpreter – Interpreting services

Let us know the situation and we will do the rest. We will find the most suitable solution and let you know the price. Once confirmed we will brief our interpreter before hand to optimize performance. Send your inquiry to and we will be happy to assist you further.

Conference Interpreting Services
Conference interpreting entails live interpreting, so there is no room for mistake. Our conference interpreters specialize in specific business areas for quick, reliable interpreting.

Consecutive Interpreting Services
Consecutive interpreting works where the interpreter takes note while the delegate is talking. The speaker then takes a short break, giving leeway for the interpreter to begin interpreting what is being said. The two of them work consecutively alongside each other in this manner. This service is useful for training sessions and business meetings.

Simultaneous Interpreting Services
This is a live uninterrupted service and often used in conferences and larger training sessions. This service works much more immediately than a consecutive interpretation.

Language course

We offer in-company language classes. We understand our clients’ requirements when they need to confront the challenge of learning a new language; for that reason all our resources and efforts are oriented towards, firstly, reaching objectives as quickly as possible, and secondly, creating personalized courses that cover specific professional requirements. To this end we offer:

  • An interactive method which favors active participation and teaches students to communicate effectively and with confidence, in professional as well as social environments.
  • Specialized courses with programs adapted to specific professional and personal requirements, specially designed after the analysis of a level examination and requirements.
  • A team of native professional teachers with university degrees and broad experience teaching in-company language courses, with continuous pedagogic support and equipped with teaching aids.
  • Control in the quality and effectiveness of the classes. The student evaluates all areas related to the course (teachers, material, methodology, etc.) and makes the appropriate comments on any point that may help us improve the course.