For the provision of interpretation and translation services, the terms apply to each request for a quote. The clients shall have to agree to the terms and conditions provided below:

The Definitions

The following definitions included in this agreement are stated to clarify all concepts of the readers.

  1. Clients who ask for services by Tradulia are named in the quote.
  2. Data disclosure in confidence by any party to the other of proprietary information is considered confidential data. However, the info to be disclosed by another party (required by law) at any time after the receipt’s date by another party (based on the deliverables and source materials), on receipt by the other party is already in the knowledge of that side and info included in the public domain are not considered confidential information.
  3. The terms and conditions and accepted quotes are major parts of a contract. An agreement is comprised of these two elements. Any modification can be made of both elements at the time by mutual accord.
  4. All the same property and rights (whether unregistered or registered), logos, trade secrets, know-how, concepts, domain names, patents, designs, trademarks, and copyright are included in the Intellectual Property.
  5. The quote issued by Tradulia to the client will only be termed as “quote” and not in any other similar phrase.
  6. The services specified in the quote are only referred to as “services.”
  7. As identified in the citation, the “Source Materials” means the documents submitted by the client to Tradulia .
  8. Final deliverables produced as a result of the services are named  “deliverables.”


  1. The services will be delivered in the form displayed and indicated on the company’s website with various options (not restricted to) i.e. certifications, legalizations, apostilles, notarizations, translations, etc. the parties must agree on the condition of means requested by the clients and services of alternate forms in writing.
  2. The supply of source materials, services of interpretation made and each application for service to Tradulia are subjected to the shared terms.
  3. If there isn’t any accepted quote, the contract doesn’t exist or made in respect of any source materials, interpretation services and request for translation. The agreement is only formed between client and the company once there is an Accepted Quote in respect of the elaborated services as per the quote.
  4. For the services of interpretation requested on the website, it is necessary to have the issuance of the quote by the company.
  5. The final price of the document shall not be changed if the word count of translation varies due to nature of different languages.
  6. If the source material contains any material that Tradulia finds contrary to law, obscene or offensive, the company reserves right to decline to issue a quote or to deliver any translation services.

Provision of Services

  1. The standard procedures and practices shall be followed to provide services as specified in the accepted quote subject acceptance of all appropriate amounts due from the client.
  2. The company has no liability to recheck the source material or rectifying any omissions with errors in case of any typographical mistakes in the shared draft by the client. It is only a responsibility of the customer to review source material before sending it to the company.
  3. By company’s standard procedures and practices specified in the quote or applicable at the time, Tradulia shall issue the deliverables to the client.
  4. The deliverables will be sent in reasonable endeavors when no particular time or date is agreed by following receipt of the accepted quote within a reasonable period or submitted before the date. In meeting the appropriate timing, Tradulia doesn’t accept liability for any delay.


  1. Upfront is mandatory, and the company never negotiates on advance payments. Your payment shall be fully returned if we fail to translate your document.
  2. An extra fee (5% of total amount every week) will be requested if a client delays in transferring payment after 30 days.
  3. The buyer may not cancel the agreement if execution of translation has begun.
  4. The client may contact customer support to discuss any refunds and concerns if they are not satisfied with the quality of deliverable. They can address major concerns regarding the submitted work.

Intellectual Property

  1. Not a single term in this agreement affects the intellectual property’s ownership, company or the deliverables.
  2. The company owns and will always claim to have rights of keeping all copyright on the methodology, procedures and the used information. The confidential information isn’t transferred to any of the clients.

The Confidential Data

  1. The nature of sensitive information is acknowledged and recognized by the parties.
  2. The right of disclosing any sensitive data is only given to:
  • Professional advisers
  • Subcontractors
  • Contractors
  • Employees
  • Directors


  1. The contract will be valid if the contractual obligations are fulfilled, and it will enter into  force with immediate effect.
  2. The full and exact statement of agreement is initiated by each contract between both of the parties along with written and oral communications, prior agreements are superseded, as well as all proposals regarding the contract’s subject matter.
  3. Any amendment to the agreement shall not be workable until getting the consent (approval) by both parties. The signatures and written consent by both sides are mandatory to amend any clause in the contract. There is no alternative option.

Security and Privacy Policy

Our policy of privacy for clients and the buyers is clear to understand for all.

For all of our client’s documents, we pledge to maintain the utmost confidentiality and respect. Some genuine reasons to use your data by Tradulia are given below:

Reasons to Gather Personal Data

For the reason of sending final document and purpose of invoicing on translation, we collect personal information of clients. Transferring the confidential data to any of outside parties through the process of redistribution isn’t done by Tradulia .

  • Provide customer service
  • Communicate and develop special offers
  • Deliver the services you request
  • Contact you

Procedure of Information Collection

The data gathered by our company is based on different types and collected in the most efficient manner.  The kind of collected info is available here.

  • Billing information, service preference, phone numbers, contact information and other data provided only with the consent of the client.
  • Industry and location.

Methods to Use Your Information

  • Giving personal info or  selling it are never done by our company.
  • The non-affiliates of any third-party group never get any single word of confidential information from Tradulia .

Protection of Personal Information through Reasonable Steps

The translated document, original drafts, and database of personal contact information are maintained in only for the purpose of protecting your data and accounting purposes.

The Privacy Policy and Its Modifications

Except if required by law, we reserve right to make any amendment in privacy policies at any time. The changes are posted periodically. Each client’s consent to the privacy policy is understood by using our services post adding new information.